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Fibers, Yarns, & Threads are our basic products as we are leading textile manufacturer and exporter in the world, supplying our export quality fibers, yarns and threads to the potential customers. We offer multiple categories of yarns according to the demands of our clients e.g. Cotton Yarn, Polyester/Cotton Blended Yarn, Polyester Ring Spun & Filament Yarn, Core Spun Yarn, Double & Ply Yarn, Linen Yarn etc. we are manufacturing a variety of yarns in accordance with the demands of the textile manufacturers around the world, having wide-ranging customers due to the exclusive base in the field of textile industry.

Saim Group is supported by exclusive technical expertise to manufacture the high-quality yarn and can meet out the international standards. We are promoting our business abroad by producing exclusive quality Core Spun Yarn as per demands of oversees buyers. We are trying to expand our business activities aroud the globe by supplying yarns of variegated categories according to the customers’ specifications and requirements e.g. Linen Yarn, Cotton Yarn, Cotton & P/C Sewing Threads, Double & Ply Yarn, Polyester & Nylon Filament Yarn, Thermolite Yarn, etc. our textile carporate has its own Motto of improving our products to get entire customer satisfaction and long-term business relations with them. If you are willing to have excellent products and reliable customer support services, you may rely upon us for joint ventures in industrial areas!

Some of the our yarn categories are

  • Acrylic Yarn
  • Bamboo Yarn
  • Blended Yarn
  • Cashmere Yarn
  • Core Spun Yarn
  • P/C Sewing Threads
  • Cotton Blended Yarn
  • Cotton Yarn
  • Double & Ply Yarn
  • Dyed & Bleached Yarn
  • Embroidery Yarn
  • Fancy Yarn
  • Mercerized Yarns
  • Knitting Yarn
  • Linen Yarn
  • Fiber Yarn
  • Cotton Blended Yarn
  • Nylon Filament Yarn
  • Nylon Yarn
  • Open End Yarn
  • Polyester Ring Spun Yarn
  • Polyester Textured Yarn
  • Polyester Yarn
  • Polyester/Cotton Blended Yarn
  • Polyester/Viscos Blended Yarn
  • Polypropylene Yarn
  • Rayon Yarn
  • Silk Yarn
  • Slub Yarn
  • Thermolite Yarn
  • Wool Yarn